We're an efficient, independent team who are obsessed with making disruptive, mobile first products that delight the user. We work selectively on custom client projects and offer our own suite of products. If you are looking for an agile team with world class speed, design, development and thinking, let’s get going.

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We’re agile. We iterate often. And we finish strong.

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We’ve custom built and use the latest products to help you build your brand.


X&Go is a platform for creating business to consumer IM applications. We have our own products ready to go and some custom solutions in development.

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We can talk for days about the perfect digital activation or we can just start generating unique mobile impressions, leads and sales right now. uWina is a no nonsense digital performance platform. Build, optimise and track performance campaigns on the fly.

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Establishing a relevant, respected voice on social media shouldn’t be difficult. Ripple uses cluster mathematics to fast track a brand’s positioning in a specific tribe.

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Our work

A selection of our most recent work


We know you hate being on hold, hate searching for contact details and hate filling out forms. That's why we built PlaceChat. Connect with places like you connect with your friends – the natural way – with chat.

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Want tickets to something? Want to make a reservation? Do it without the schlep. No need to learn a new interface - just chat to someone who will book on your behalf.

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Do Durban

Do Durban is an online mobile-only app showcasing cool Durban places that we and our friends enjoy. The app lists places nearest to you, and can optionally be filtered alphabetically or by tag. It's a simple and visual list of cool places in Durban with a very shallow navigation.

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Expert curation. Discernment. Less. For homeowners in South Africa’s premier lifestyle estates. Become a Stately member to recieve convenient subscriptions, member features and access to our curated shop.

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Never go digging for your important numbers in dusty folders or congested email inboxes again. Access all your admin numbers with one login from any device with an internet connection. The data is encrypted and the app makes use of SSL, for your peace of mind.

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Some old man just gave you an old street name - one of those yellow crossed out jobs. Your map app can't find it and now you're in a dodgy alleyway. Would be nice to have an app that converts those old street names to new ones hey? Or maybe those names are just too long for you. Either or, if you live in Durban, this app's for you.

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Paleo List

Paleo List is a simple app, available on iOS and on mobile. It's inspired by Tim Noakes’ article on Health 24. We realised that healthy eating doesn’t start with what’s in your fridge or on your plate, but with what’s in your shopping basket. All you then need, while shopping, is a simple and portable reminder of what to shop for and what to avoid.

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Before there was PlaceChat, you may have had to spend some time on the phone – and when you finally got through to the right person, you spent half an hour spelling out where you live, just to have it appear incorrectly in their email correspondence. We built Spellit for that very reason. Get phonetic spelling as you type, or type a word in and let it spit out the phonetic words for you.

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We're a passionate team focused on building business communication platforms and experiences that leverage the latest software available.

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